Saturday, July 25, 2009

Funny Girl

I just backed up a bunch of pictures of Audrey and couldn't help but smile. Pictures of her just remind me of all the funny things she does. She is overflowing with personality. I hope Jake and I can handle her when she's older! Here are a few fun examples of the many faces of Audrey...

Is any childhood complete without a Burger King crown?

 mom's glasses.

Learning to use the fun bowl with a built-in straw that Aunt Brandi gave her!

Contemplating life after Oreos.

We're still not sure what surprised her.

This is the best we've been able to capture her way of showing she is surprised. She tenses her arms and hands and presses her lips tight against her teeth. She's such a funny girl!


Six-Pack Momma said...

So cute! She has gotten so big!

Laura Hyde said...

Those are such fun pictures! I hope I didn't bug you giving you a hard time about not updating your blog often enough, but I really do enjoy it when you do! I LOVE the photos! Keep them coming when you can. :)

ps it was so much fun to see you the other day. thank you for the get together!

The Boswells said...

I love the faces of Audrey, what a doll! Can't wait to see what the next one looks like! Any names your juggling???

lani said...

So cute! You better watch out--she just might keep your glasses. It was so fun to see you and finally meet Audrey in person. What a doll!