Monday, June 28, 2010

Cell Phone

This morning I was ready to leave for work and I heard little noises coming from Audrey's room. I decided that it would be worth being a few minutes later to work if I could see my little girl and give her a hug and a kiss. So I opened her door to greet her. She was sitting on the floor, using her bed as a backrest. She had an old (battery-less) cell phone up to her ear. She refused to make eye contact with me, and instead focused on her phone conversation. She stared at the floor and repeated "uh huh....uh huh".

Finally I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I got down on the floor on my hands and knees and said, "Audrey, I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation. But I'm leaving for work and I'd like a hug and kiss from you."

Audrey slowly got up from the floor, never removing the phone from her ear and still never making eye contact. She put one arm around me and allowed me to give her a hug. Then she sat down and resumed focus on her phone call.

I laughed this morning, but wonder what the teen years will be like with this little girl.