Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family Update

We've used our Chariot many times since last October. Audrey is getting used to it finally. She no longer screams when we put her in it. Last time we went on a family ride, we stopped at a park to check a bike tire. I played with her on the slides and swings. Within five minutes she left the playground and tried climbing back in the Chariot. That's good news!

I'm pregnant! We are so excited to welcome another little one into our family. I'm due November 20.

Carl is graduating in a few weeks. Our entire family is so happy for him! We don't know what his after-graduation plans are yet. We're just happy about the graduation part.

We recently set up a channel on . You can go there to see several of our home videos. So far I've posted videos from Audrey's first birthday party. I'll post the link on this blog for you.