Friday, May 30, 2008

One Eventful Month!

May was an eventful month for us! We celebrated out first Mother's Day, our 3rd anniversary, Audrey's blessing and first hair cut...and went on a road trip to Colorado.

May 4th was Audrey's blessing day. We decided to give her a first hair cut too. She looked like an old man who was going bald, except for an Alfalfa patch at the top, back part of her head. She was very patient and calm as we clipped the top patch and then used trimmers with an attachment to shorten all of her hair to one length. It was a good experience, overall.

The blessing was really nice. We had family and friends gathered to support us and participate in the blessing. After church, we went to Grandpa and Grandma Jensen's house for a little lunch. Our web gallery has a bunch of pictures that Jodi took of Audrey in her white dress with a yellow flower in her hair. She doesn't look particularly happy, but she sure is expressive!

May 11th was our 3rd anniversary and my first Mother's Day.

Audrey made this beautiful footprint flower for me for Mother's Day. Jake put it on our wall so I would see it when I woke up that day. What a wonderful surprise! Jake also video taped the process so I could see how he and Audrey made it.

This was a wonderful first Mother's Day for me!

On Tuesday, May 20th (Audrey's 3 month birthday) we drove with Grandpa Sandry to Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend Brittany Sandry's graduation and visit family. Jake couldn't go, so it was Grandpa, Mom and Audrey. We had a great time! Audrey was really good on the trip. She slept well in the car and enjoyed getting to know her cousins, aunt, uncle and great-grandparents. Here are a few pictures.

Audrey and Aunt Carrie:

Audrey and Great-Grandpa Gallegos. Everybody loves Grandpa "Duck"!


Steph said...

You sure have been busy!! What a sweet and patient dad Jake is- wow. I am impressed. It sounds like everyone is really enjoying Audrey...she is an absolute doll!

Krista said...

Hey Andrea!

I'd love to see some updated pictures of Audrey. I bet she is so big by now! Fill us in on your latest happenings!

Steph said...

HELLO!!!!!! It's not may anymore...I demand pics! And updates...since it is now September :)